Sunday, May 18, 2008


And now frustration starts to set in...

Nothing serious, just very slow progress...and when it seems like I will start to make some decent progress, little thing stall it out again.

Things I've done since the last post...

  • Removed mercury control box/cables
  • Loosened Challengar steering
  • Removed omc contros from Bayliner
  • Removed Johnson from Bayliner
  • Replace trim motor on Johnson
  • Temporarily mounted Johnson to Challengar
  • It seems like I'm hardly getting anything done...either it's raining or Elizabeth or I have some other obligation. PTO meeting, planting a garden, etc.

Anyway, I got a couple of days to work on it and got the above list accomplished. Unfortunatly after working a few more hours today, it's still only temporatily hung. The reason being, the trim motor is leaking like a sieve past the oring on the bottom. So I order a new oring in the hopes that will fix the problem. If it doesn't, I'll try to build an "oring helper" out of gasket maker on the bottom of the trim motor. But I really don't think that will help either since we're dealing with a pressurized system... We'll see I guess....

Here are a few kind of dark on me, but you get the idea...

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