Saturday, May 3, 2008

Project "I wanna go fishing"

One of the bad things about buying a ski boat at the beginning of spring is that while you're out on the water all you see is fishing boats and bass boats. This coupled with the fact that I was wanting something I could fish out of when I started looking at boats again anyway, leads to the following...

From Project Fisher

Whilst bringing the Glastron to the dealer to get a speaker and the hour meter fixed under warrenty, I seem to have accidently bought a bass boat. Well, technicaly it's a fish and ski, but you get the point. I mentioned to the service manager as he was helping unhook my boat that I was looking for a bass boat that needed a motor and he brought me to this 1986 Challenger...needed a lower unit on the 115 Mariner. Said $800 would get it off the lot. Later in the day, I wrote them a $700 check and dragged it home. So begins "Project Fisher".

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